Kashan Mohtasham



Kashan Mohtasham
Presenting a distinguished piece from the Heritage Collection, the Antique Kashan Mohtasham rug from Central Persia stands as a testament to opulent heritage and expert craftsmanship. This classic Kashan design honors the memory of the 19th-century master weaver Hadji Mollah Mohammed Hassan Mohtasham, renowned for the Mohtasham Kashan style. It features a majestic central medallion with a prominent floral motif, encircled by a field of delicate and vividly colored floral patterns. The beauty of the rug is further accentuated by its border, elegantly adorned with large palmettes and a series of smaller floral designs, rendered in intricate shades of pink and burgundy. Hand-knotted with great care on a silk foundation and featuring a natural silk pile, the Antique Kashan Mohtasham rug offers a luxurious texture and subtle sheen, truly reflecting the skill and legacy of its namesake.

Available Size:
249 x 150 cm

As a unique and authentic piece within the Heritage Collection, this Kashan Mohtasham rug embodies the sophistication and rich history of Persian rug-making. For enthusiasts attracted to the historical charm of this rug but seeking different dimensions, we invite you to explore our collection for styles with a similar aesthetic. Additional options are available in the listings below.


    • Colour: Multi-Coloured

    • Materials: Silk on Silk

    • dimensions: 249 x 150cm

    • Technique: Finely handknotted

    75.000 (EXCL. VAT)

If you need a size not listed here, you are welcome to place a bespoke order.