Artists selection


The Germano-Brasileiro Collection originates from the collaboration between Sahrai Milano and David Elia. Each rug in this collection is an interpretation of the Brazilian Agate stone using the finest materials and an exquisite colour palette.


Taking an artistic approach to rug creation, Minjung’s modern contemporary rugs blend exceptional artistic expression with our time-honoured premium craftmanship, to create a range of exquisite designs.


This Collection is inspired by Christian Hetzel’s large abstract canvases, which have made the artist popular in the contemporary art world; it consists of 8 Bespoke Designs, dominated by delicate shades of Blue, Grey, Brown, Sand, Gold, and the infinite shades that can be admired at sunset..


Multifaceted artist, she uses a variety of techniques and materials to create her works, which are mainly site-specific installations, sculptures, performances, photographic and video documentation. Her research can be summarized in what the artist calls "aesthetics of destruction", a set of visions, often provocative, in which she destroys and rebuilds her subjects, creating very suggestive and scenographic works.