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    We are closely involved with the charity Children in Crisis Italy and have been supporting their projects for many years. The charity’s mission is to improve the well-being of children who have been deprived. By providing a necessary education, Children In Crisis aim to empower them and provide greater independence. 

    Children in Crisis’ work is carried out in some of the toughest areas of the world where children are kept out of education because of their background, disability or gender. 

    Children in Crisis work closely with local organisations and communities to reach children in some of the most remote and most dangerous areas. Given the involvement of the communities, the improvement brought by Children in Crisis is maintained long after they are gone. Currently, the charity is building a school in Congo and we are sponsoring that project. There are also plans for sponsoring the building of two more schools in Nepal. 

    The living conditions of children is a subject very close to the heart of our family. We strongly believe that everyone should be given the best chance in life. Children in Crisis’ work is also very much aligned with our ethos of sustainability. They have had tremendous achievements in some of the most difficult countries in the world which have suffered because of war, poverty and remoteness:

    • Afghanistan – Where they stayed throughout the Taliban regime, educating children who would have otherwise been robbed of their chance to learn. 
    • Nepal – Engaging some of the most marginalised communities where a child’s chance of education is slim. 
    • Democratic Republic of Congo – Teaching life skills to children in the most remote parts affected by the civil war for many years. Helping Burundian refugees (mostly teenagers) settle and provide education. 
    • Sierra Leone – Collaborating with the local organisation “Welfare Society for the Disabled” providing care and access to education for disabled children. 
    • Liberia – Providing vocational training for adults and education in the remote parts of this impoverished country. 
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        Let our concierge know how we can help choose or create your perfect rug.

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