Sahrai collections

Contemporary custom made rugs designed in Italy

The NOOR Collection was conceived to respond to the needs of modern living; marrying the Italian style with deluxe textures to produce a beautifully distinctive range of contemporary rugs.

Legendary Indian Spirit in a contemporary vision

The Taj Mahal Collection combines the artisanship of Indian Master Weavers with the elegant colour nuances of European style. Patterns blend harmoniously, creating a stunning handmade rug collection based on the concept of East meets West.

Joyaux de l'Art de Vivre Français

Inspired by Aubusson and Savonnerie designs and traditional techniques, the Place Vendôme Collection of luxury hand-knotted rugs designed in Italy is a bold reinterpretation of classic French elegance.

Preciousness of Persian Tradition in modernity

The Parsa Collection is a combination of the very best in traditional handmade Persian rugs and Sahrai’s designs, blended with a contemporary twist.


The spearhead of the Sahrai business, and the product of five generations of experience and passion – the Heritage Antique Collection showcases Persian rugs and Oriental rugs, as well as Indian, European and Decorative tapestries from the XVI to XIX Century


We invite you to explore this special and exclusive collaboration between two masters of quality, Sahrai and Swarovski®. Delve into designs of unparalleled beauty with our limited collection of luxury sparkle rugs.

Magical vibes for marine interiors

The Underwaterlife Collection is dedicated to yachts and summer residences, designed to represent nature in its many manifestations.


Today, outdoors have become a significant component of the design world. Outdoor spaces are highly desirable in both residential and hospitality projects as people enjoy and value always more being in open air environments.

Where the 6th Generation Vision meets rooted savoir-faire

The collection’s young touch is framed by its lively ability to provide custom made rugs in trendy colors and newest qualities.

Moroccan inspired rugs for charming interiors

Inspired by Berber rugs, the Mamounia Collection of Moroccan rugs is a representation of the tribal floorings of North Africa within contemporary interiors.

Timeless design and high technology

Combining contemporary design with new production techniques, the Milano Collection is at the cutting edge of innovation and chic modern design. The use of specially selected materials ensures a unique designer rug that looks to the future, while still maintaining the elegance of the Sahrai style.