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    Our Story

    1830 – TEHRAN


    Sahrai’s journey into the world of luxury rugs began in 1830. Against the exotic backdrop of Persia’s Teheran bazaar, our ancestors were inspired by a passion for the finest quality textiles and a determination to embody the art and poetry that was so central to their lives.

    The Sahrai family set about sourcing and creating rugs that truly reflected the heart of their culture, and in doing so, formed the foundation of a legacy.

    This exploration of beauty has been passed down from generation to generation, growing ever stronger as new techniques and materials have been embraced and incorporated into Sahrai’s design style.

    “We were born with it, we grew up with it so it’s part
    of our spirits, of our family roots.”


    1910 – ISTANBUL

    1922 – ST. PETERSBURGH

    1950 – TEHRAN

    1983 – CANNES

    Dedicated to their craft, generations of the Sahrai family have devoted their time to travelling to the Middle Eastern and Asian carpet-making centres – learning everything about the latest tools, techniques and materials.

    The constant development and evolution are underpinned by traditional hand-knotting techniques to create luxury rugs of the highest quality, remaining true to the spirit and core of the Sahrai aesthetic.

    Sahrai’s unmistakable style led to the expansion of the business. This came as the family began to combine traditional Persian carpet weaving with the sophistication of contemporary Western interior design.

    Since the early 1900s, when the company first expanded into the European market, Sahrai has maintained its reputation as a leader in innovation and exploration. In the 1930’s it participated in major exhibitions, and in the 1950’s it established a presence in Switzerland, Belgium and Germany.

    In the 1990s, current owners Rana and Ramine Sahrai developed new contemporary designs and expanded the business globally – providing rugs to prestigious homes, design studios and substantial hospitality projects.

    “As citizens of the world, we have united the know-how of carpet weaving originated in the Orient – where we were born – with the refined Occidental Interiors where we live, to harmoniously serve
    the global interiors design world with our exclusive handmade
    rug collections.”


    2017 – MILANO


    Sahrai is dedicated to innovating – not just with the designs that it produces, but through the methods of creation and the materials of the rugs themselves. Every element of the design and development process is reviewed and examined, with our passionate artisans working in harmony to create stunning pieces.

    Rana and Ramine have ensured that with their leadership, Sahrai continues to look forward, while never compromising on expectations of excellence. With a constant influx of new ideas, Sahrai blends traditional techniques with cutting edge design, always making certain that every rug meets the highest standard of quality.

    The Sahrai family continues to thrive – building upon their history, sharing their designs, passion and luxurious textiles with customers around the globe. The family enthusiastically embraces the techniques and tools which will see them through the next 200 years.

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