Amritsar, another member from Sahrai’s Heritage Collection, embodies the timeless elegance of traditional rug artistry, distinct in its origin and style. Produced in Amritsar, located in the northwest of India near the Kashmir region, these rugs are renowned for their unique approach. Basing design elements on Western tastes as opposed to Indian traditions, the weavers of Amritsar fashioned a style that is easily distinguished from other Indian styles.

This Amritsar rug is a testament to classic design, featuring an all-over geometric and symmetrical pattern. At its heart are five red floral medallions, surrounded by an array of geometric floral motifs. The border, with its elegant floral design, is set against an ochre background, creating a striking contrast with the field’s blue backdrop. Woven on a cotton foundation, Amritsar boasts a wool pile, colored with 100% natural vegetable dyes, ensuring both beauty and durability. This rug not only captures the essence of its region but also reflects a unique fusion of Eastern craftsmanship with Western aesthetic sensibilities.

Available Size:
255 x 180 cm

Please note that Amritsar is a unique piece and cannot be customized. We encourage you to browse our collection for rugs with similar aesthetics available in a variety of sizes and colors.
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    • Colour: Multi-Coloured

    • Materials: Wool on Cotton

    • dimensions: 255 x 180cm

    • Technique: Finely handknotted

    • REF: 36304

    12.000 (EXCL. VAT)

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