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Nisha is one of the silk and wool rugs part of the Taj Mahal Collection by Sahrai featuring a classic floral pattern surrounded by a border. The use of silk relief uplifts this design and gives it a unique sheen. This rug comes in a handknotted finish only in:

  • Wool and Silk Relief

This rug comes in certain size and colour combinations both in rectangular shape and as runners which would complement any corridor or long space. Please consult the listing to check availability.

These are unique pieces and only available in the given colour, size and shape combinations.

  • Colour:

  • Materials:

  • Technique:

  • dimensions:

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    In Stock
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If you need a size not listed here, you are welcome to place a bespoke order.


    Mala Faded

    Taj Mahal Collection


    Taj Mahal Collection