Experience the allure of Persian gardens with Bina, a captivating creation from Sahrai’s Parsa Collection, originating from Qom. This Persian rug artfully intertwines animal figures, a diverse array of blooming flowers, and bird motifs, conjuring a lyrical homage to nature’s splendor. At the top of the field, a Mihrab adorned with floral and avian designs stands out against the beige background, offering a striking contrast to the red field. The vibrant interplay of red and beige hues, intricately hand-knotted in silk on a silk foundation, makes Bina a testament to the exceptional craftsmanship of Qom.

Available Size:
204 x 130 cm

Bina is a singular creation, telling a unique story and standing as an exclusive piece of art. Please note that while Bina cannot be customized, it has a twin sister named Dina, featuring a similar design and roughly the same size. Explore our suggestions for rugs with a similar aesthetic in different dimensions or colors, or contact us for personalized recommendations to find a companion piece like Dina or other unique rugs that complement your space.


    • Colour: Multi-Coloured

    • Materials: Silk on Silk

    • dimensions: 204 x 130cm

    • Technique: Finely handknotted

    • REF: 35719

    22.000 (EXCL. VAT)

If you need a size not listed here, you are welcome to place a bespoke order.