Miracle Garden

$59.472 (EXCL. VAT)


Miracle Garden is part of the Beyond the Eye Capsule Collection by Sahrai. The Rug is the realistic bird eye representation of the bustling road junction in Dubai. 

It offers a unique opportunity to explore the geometry and structure of Dubai, transforming it into a real work of art. The choice of using this precise image not only adds an aesthetic dimension to Miracle Garden, but it also stimulates people’s curiosity and imagination, as only art can do. 

Miracle Garden, finely handknotted in Natural Silk and New Zealand Wool and Natural Silk Relief, is a testament to innovation, featuring a never-before-seen design on a Rug.


    • Colour: Teal

    • Materials: Silk and Wool and Silk Relief

    • dimensions: 400 x 400 cm

    • Technique: High Density Handknotted

    • REF: 35924

    $59.472 (EXCL. VAT)

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