Agata Amber



Agata Amber is one of the limited edition exclusive rugs part of Sahrai’s Artists Selection designed in collaboration with David Elia and inspired by the mythical Brazilian Agate stone known for its uniqueness – no two Agate stones are the same. This design features irregular spirals of rusts, blues, ivories with touches of green stemming from an epi-center flowing to form rings covering the entire surface of the rug.

This piece comes in a Superior Handtufted quality in Wool and Bamboo Silk finish with carving in the following size only:

  • 300 x 250 cm

Please note that this rug is a limited edition of six rugs only.

If you need a size not listed here, you are welcome to place a bespoke order.


    Agata Pink Moss

    David Elia

    Agata Coyamito

    David Elia

    Agata Blue Lace

    David Elia